Meridian Energy Health Analysis

Meridian Energy Health Analysis

Meridian Energy Health Analysis

Meridian Energy Health Analysis is based on the Acupuncture Theory, and is conducted using a non-invasive Meridian Energy Analysis Device (MEAD) to measure the energy of your body’s 12 meridian channels within 5-10 minutes. The MEAD analyses the overall condition of your body system and organs according to TCM theories such as body energy level, metabolism state, mental activity state, musculoskeletal system as well as the balance of autonomic nervous system. Our TCM physicians will then recommend a suitable treatment plan for you.

An ancient saying in TCM states that “The skin is a reflection of the internal organs”. Thus by measuring the electrical skin resistance, we can determine your overall health and the functions of autonomic nervous system and internal organs.

It complements the 4 diagnostic methods (Inspection, Listening & Smelling, Inquiring and Palpation) used in TCM for a more holistic treatment and wellness program.


  • Suitable for persons aged between 15 to 65 years old.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women and individuals who have undergone angioplasty, cardiac pacemaker or metal implants.

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