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ECON Chinese Medicine logo

Our Logo

Maintaining our reverence for Traditional Chinese Medicine values and beliefs, the brand identity retains a vibrant and distinctive hybrid of chinese characters and English wordmark.

The English wordmark of the brand name ‘ECON Chinese Medicine’ is set in a modern Athelas font with a nod to the traditional. This new font style is chosen to represent ECON’s strong emphasis on innovation in healthcare and commitment to traditional family values. The Chinese characters retain the original brushstroke design as well as the iconic modern symmetrical oval, incorporating both traditional and modern elements of Chinese medicine and treatment while symbolising balance in health and wellness. Most distinctively, the new positioning of the various elements in the logo commands a sense of strength, determination and dedication to serving the needs of the community.

About ECON Chinese Medicine

Established since 1991, ECON Chinese Medicine is a wholly owned subsidiary of ECON Healthcare Group, an established brand with 30 years of industry experience in integrated health and eldercare services.

As the first in Singapore to advocate the best of Eastern and Western medicine in its recovery approach, ECON Chinese Medicine offers a unique blend of preventive and treatment healthcare services in our clinics. In addition, we offer acupuncture services for residents in our ECON Nursing Homes and Medicare Centres and also home consultation for customers who prefer to receive treatment at the comfort of their own homes.

Our highly experienced and dedicated team of certified physicians is accredited by the Singapore Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (TCMPB). Every treatment plan is tailored for your specific needs, restoring you to the pink of health and ultimately enhancing your quality of life.

Our Vision
To build a team of skillful and ethical TCM Physicians, promote the health characteristics of Chinese medicine, striving to be an excellent brand in such services.

Our Mission
We strive to provide our outmost service quality, taking into consideration the health of our clients as our core service.

Our Specialty
Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Post-natal care, Geriatrics, Stroke Rehabilitation, Pain Management